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  • GODZILLA (Brushed Metal Elevator Doors) 
  • TERMINATOR 2/3D (James Cameron loved the subtlety of the patterns used in the Pyramid "SkyNet")see below 
  • BATMAN AND ROBIN (Wood Display and Fish Cases become sliced metal) 
  • AUSTIN POWERS (MDF bullnose concave radius steps & angled table became steel) 
  • DR. DOOLITTLE (MDF Wood becomes Maple, Mahogany Cabinets, Doors, Walls Brushed Metal Elevator Doors) 
  • ENEMY OF THE STATE (Extensive use of the wood patterns) 
  • DESPERATE MEASURES (MDF turned into brushed metal morgue wall) 
  • TURBULENCE (MDF wood turned into the brushed metal airplane interior and breakaway walls) 
  • OUT TO SEA (MDF gold elevators/niches/walls - MDF turns into 16' mahogany walls) 
  • SPEED I (Paint grade plywood turned into granite walls one set - 2 different looks) Television 
  • CHICAGO HOPE (Paint grade luan turned into sliced metal counters & cabinets) 
  • LOIS & CLARK (Paint grade plywood turned into blue/green console) 
  • WARNER BROS. Sign Dept - Bob Walker - Sign (router cut turned into mottled metal) 
  • TOTAL SECURITY (Steven Bochco Prod) - Brushed Metal bullnose window door 
  • NEW LINE CINEMA - BEVERLY HILLS - Screening Room Doors 
  • SUPERMAN (Extensive applications)